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  SoCal Film Group's membership embodies three key values: participation, expertise, and respect.

SCFG films often. We turn out in force and work intensely on every shoot. Our members bring a wide variety of experience and knowledge to each project, and we get our films made by operating with an easy-going professionalism.

Steven Barr Debra Stolberg Susan Bays
Timothy K. Clark Daina Manning Danny Grossman David Mulholland
Michael Gilvary Ed Wright John Schwert
John Hays Ryan Polito Kip Stolberg Shelley Carney
Mike Manning Tina Anderson Andy Wardlaw David Lee Russek

Steve Barr

Steve Barr is a graduate of the BFA professional actors program at the University of Southern California. With fellow SoCaller Tina Anderson, he is in a development deal at Walt Disney Pictures for a feature film called PLANT LIFE, being produced by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (SHREK, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN). Steve lives in Glendale with his beautiful wife, Cecilia, and three step-cats.

Movies |  Steve And Danny Fuck Up / The Last Stall / Violet's Home / Intersection /
Belated / Survival Of The Fittest / Finding Space / Who's On First: The Movie /
Chuck Barr And His Penis: A Love Story / Emergi-Date / Quiet / My Life In Subtitles

Timothy K. Clark

Is a Writer/Director who has completed five shorts and has been the Director of Photography and Editor on several other projects. He is currently working on raising funds to complete an independent feature. He is also the treasurer of the SoCal Film Group when he's not spending time with his new daughter, Emma.

Movies |  From Insult To Injury / 30 Seconds / Meant To Be / Apprehension /
Intersection / A Fine Line / One Free Hour

Michael Gilvary

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Studied film production at Emerson College and has been writing screenplays ever since. He has optioned original work to Brillstein-Grey, Echo Lake Productions and several independent producers, such as Steven Haft and
Carl Mazzocone. He has also written on assignment for Paramount Pictures, producer Gale Anne Hurd and Raw Entertainment. He is represented by Dick Shepherd at The Artists Agency and is managed by Tracie Graham and Alison Rosenzweig at Graham-Rosenzweig Films.

Movies |  Deadlock / Dust Devil

John Hays

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Graduated from CSULB with a B.A. in Film/TV/Radio. After working in aerospace and as a proofreader, he got his break in the motion picture industry. He has worked as a gofer, a sound technician, camera person, and editor in the years since, all the while writing and directing various projects between these jobs. He lives in the Hollywood area, and has a very creative son.

Movies |   From Insult To Injury / Sleeptalk / Belated / Fly On The Wall


Michael J. Manning, Jr

Mr. Manning brings over 18 years of remote television production and operations experience to the So Cal Film Group. Owner of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Production Company, he joined the group as a lighting consultant, and has executive produced "Forensic Mysteries" and co-wrote and co-directed (with his wife Daina) "Bob Goes to the Store". The Mannings live in Redondo Beach, CA with their three dogs, Foster, Coney and Liberty.

Movies |  Bob Goes To The Store / Forensic Mysteries
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