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One Free Hour
Written & Directed by
Timothy K. Clark


Sam waits for Mom to have time to spend with him.

A young boy finds an ad in the back of an old comic book that promises to let him spend more time with his overworked mom.

“One Free Hour”


Sam - Spencer Knight
Mom - Liz Randall
Emma - Emma J. Clark
Male Nurse - Danny Grossman


Written and Directed by
Timothy K. Clark

Based on a Story by
Timothy K. Clark & Tina Joellyn Anderson

Produced by
Rod Ramsey

Directors of Photography
John Hays
Marshall McAuley

Timothy K. Clark

Key Grip
Indra Newlight

Mike Manning

Camera Operators
John Hays
Marshall McAuley
Timothy K. Clark

John Hays
Rod Ramsey
Danny Grossman

Production Assistants
David Lee Russek
Steve Barr

Thanks To
Tina Joellyn Anderson
Michael Gilvary
Danny Grossman


Terry Rossio
Ted Elliott
Richard Jefferies

Sam checks outside for Mom's arrival.


"One Free Hour is a story with a magical element, similar to the old Amazing Stories TV series, about how we always want the supernatural to intervene and improve our lives.

But sometimes we want the magic so badly that we go to great lengths to make it happen. And usually reality has a way of making sure that the magic never works. It is nature's way of keeping the balance, I suppose.

Technically, it was a challenge working with several children, special effects, and our new 35mm lens adaptor kept us on our toes."
- Timothy K. Clark


Director Tim clark talks with Spencer Knight about the upcoming shot.


Boom Operator Danny Grossman is ready to roll.

A SoCal Film Group presentation